When speaking with potential candidates in the USA, our Research Consultants no longer ask for details of current salaries and remuneration packages. New regulations across many US cities and states mean this is now outlawed there and it seems certain this will spread further afield in the months ahead. The rationale appears to be that knowing a candidate’s current salary influences what a potential employer might be prepared to pay and in a sense reinforces existing pay structures which often include gender pay gaps.

In the USA, Henley now asks what a candidate’s desired next salary package might be. Alternatively, where our client is happy to disclose a stated pay range for a role, we can share this with a candidate and ask whether it is appealing. Some candidates remain more than happy to give their current salary details, even when they are not prompted, and we then ask their express permission to disclose this to our client.

Henley Research International works extensively in the USA and globally.

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