Henley Research International continues to offer as core services Executive Research for senior roles, Talent Mapping, Talent Pipelining and a range of Talent Insights services. The Henley team is experienced in carrying out excellent research and brokering contact with key senior individuals who may be potential candidates or sources, networks or relevant experts in their particular field. In addition to this core range, clients are increasingly using Henley for other types of projects:

Company research – here we might be retained to profile a client’s competitors, for example for clients or investors looking for acquisitions.  We might be tasked with providing detailed and tailored reports to inform decision making processes.  A client may be targeting a particular vertical sector in a designated geography and we can put together a list of potential acquisition targets with a detailed description of each one.

Competitor studies – we carry out competitor studies which focus on how competitors are structured and to identify their key executives.  Organisation charts can be part of our output. Our methodology is typically a combination of online research and telephone investigation. In such projects we can produce wider ranging competitor reports including financial information, sales segmentation, analysis of products and services, locations, and so on. This can include desk research and telephone interviews with people with knowledge of the companies and sector. We can also carry out in-depth research into the people, organisational structure, customer and supplier bases, facilities of a potential acquisition target, as well as collating and reviewing financial reports and accounts and other commercial data.

Location studies – this may be for clients who are looking to relocate some or all of their business, or are seeking to assess new locations. Typically using a combination of online research and telephone interviews, we review alternative locations, focusing on the business and commercial environment and critical talent issues (availability, cost, education, proximity etc), effectively carrying out a Labour Market Assessment. We can also go beyond talent research here, looking at relevant economic data, transport infrastructure, grant availability, environmental factors, political issues and so on. Whilst there is typically a wealth of information in the public domain, interviews with those with real “on the ground” knowledge are a key part of such research. For example, senior executives in a company that has been through the process of setting up offices or a production facility in a given location will have first-hand knowledge we can tap into.

For an exploratory conversation on Henley’s services in commercial and business research, please contact Mark Senior or Helen Davies.