Brendan Blayney, Associate Director, discusses the potential benefits of working with Henley:

One of the many benefits that corporate clients get from working with Henley Research International is, on occasion, the opportunity to make multiple hires from the same fixed-fee project, at no extra cost to the client, even where the project aim was originally to fill just one vacancy. This is a frequent occurrence, and happens for a variety of reasons:

From the shortlist of candidates presented by Henley Research to our client, it might happen that the client likes and appoints one candidate for the position that is the main focus of the search, but feels that another candidate, while not quite right for this particular vacancy, would be a perfect fit for another part of the business. As Henley Research have already facilitated the introduction between our client and the candidate, we are more than happy for them to go ahead and make this additional appointment with no extra fee payable to Henley Research, which we view as part of the value-added service we provide.While compiling a shortlist of candidates for a particular vacancy, we sometimes speak to and approach potential candidates for whom the role is not quite the right fit, but that we nonetheless think are worth introducing to our client for other current and future opportunities at the company. Again, this can result in additional hires beyond the original aim of the project, often several months down the line in cases where timing was the main issue for candidates.

In one recent example, one of our global clients in the pharmaceutical sector retained Henley Research to identify and approach candidates for a project management position. Unfortunately for the client, several new vacancies unexpectedly opened up in the project management team during the course of our search. Luckily for the client, thanks to Henley Research’s model, the client has the option of appointing multiple candidates from our work to fill multiple vacancies at no extra cost to them. One appointment has already been made, with several other candidates still in the interview process with the potential to fill additional vacancies for our client.

This can be contrasted with using a traditional executive search firm or contingent recruitment agency where a large fee would be payable for each appointment made, often a percentage of the appointee’s salary. Even when Henley Research only makes one appointment from a search we are already one of the most cost-effective options for our clients, and of course where two appointments are made, the cost per appointment is halved, and three of four appointments from the same project means 33% or 25% of the original project fee per appointment, and so on, with the potential to create a tremendous amount of additional value for the client.