At Henley Research International we offer a range of services, including Executive Research to support executive searches, Talent mapping and Talent Pipelining. We also provide an ever-broadening range of “insight” options, including, among others, competitor organisation reviews, salary benchmarking exercises, relocation studies, employer branding assessments and business intelligence.

And Insight is at the core of everything we do – insight and intelligence have always been hugely important to inform business decisions and they are arguably more important than ever now. The landscape changes quicker, innovation is everywhere, technology enables advances to be faster and more dynamic, and the pandemic has forced and precipitated agility and flexibility in business. The days of following three and five year strategic plans are long gone – planning frameworks are still valid, but companies have to be prepared to alter their plans, and sometimes throw them out and come up with new ones that make more sense in a changing environment.

Coupled with all this change, companies have to be more resourceful in getting hold of the information they need to inform these decisions. Up-to-date information may well be available but often it’s from different sources, including AI, and on different platforms to where it was previously. A lot of up-to-date information is simply not in the public domain – which is where companies like Henley can be particularly helpful in providing the picture you want by giving you access to platforms and databases that are relevant. Added to that, our tried and tested methodologies are aimed at getting relevant insight by talking to what we call “informed respondents” – people who are experts in a given sector or location or have access to relevant information in their day-to-day jobs. Our team is skilled at identifying the right sources, asking the right questions, and providing clear and authoritative findings to inform your strategies.

Whatever our clients ask us to do, even if it’s a fairly simple “find me some great candidates” brief, we’ll always make it our responsibility to provide you with whatever insight we can as part of the deal.