Henley Research International was founded in 1995 to provide executive research support to executive search consultants for whom pro-active candidate searches were rapidly becoming a core methodology.

Originally based in Henley-in-Arden, the company then moved to the rural “Hen House” at Chadwick End, before relocating nearer to Birmingham in 2009.  Road, rail and air connections to Henley Research are excellent; our offices are situated minutes from the M42 motorway and Birmingham International train station, which is a one hour and 15 minute train journey from central London.

As the company developed and grew, there was an increasing emphasis on international roles, and this has continued to the present day where more than 50% of our work is international. From Henley’s early days it has been a priority to maintain a multi-lingual research team.  This ensures we have not only the relevant language skills, but also the business and cultural understanding required for effective candidate search in different countries.

Today we at Henley continue to work extensively with executive search professionals based in the UK and overseas. Simultaneously we are also working directly with corporates who have their own in-house executive recruitment functions and are carrying out their own talent identification exercises.