Henley  Associate Director, Brendan Blayney, talks about the Bell Ring League Table:

“I’ve written a couple of times previously about Henley Research’s Bell Ring competition – where Research Consultants ring a bell every time they are involved in a successful candidate appointment, and receive an appropriate reward and a point in the Bell Ring League Table. After finishing second in the Bell Ring competition in both 2018 and 2019, I’ve now realised that it’s September 2020 and I’m currently joint-bottom of the 2020 Bell Ring League Table! I’d like to take a look back at some of the reasons (and excuses) for this.

At the start of the year, I was involved in managing some large multi-role recruitment projects for a couple of clients in the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector in the US. While these projects resulted in a number of successful appointments, most of the actual hands-on work was done by my project team members, which means that according to our Bell Ring rules I was unable to take personal credit for any of these.

Then, I worked on an important talent mapping project identifying relevant senior technical people for a client’s major new cell and gene therapy manufacturing facility. As is often the case in projects such as this one, where Henley Research is engaged by our client to assist only with the talent mapping but not the candidate outreach, we were not able to keep track of exactly which of the candidates we identified had been approached and appointed. So again, although we heard from our client that they had found some good candidates from our work, I was unable to pin any of them down as personal Bell Ring successes.

Similarly, I led a large talent mapping project identifying potential candidates across several functional talent pools in the pharmaceutical industry across five major European markets. This was another project where our client’s internal recruiters took over at the approach stage, so we didn’t have the candidate contact which would have enabled us to keep track of our successful “Bell Rings” – although I’ve heard that there have already been a few! I’m also now in the middle of another similarly huge mapping project in the Retail sector.

This year I have also been involved in a couple of M&A target company research projects, where our focus is on identifying relevant companies for acquisition according to given parameters, rather than identifying candidates to fill vacancies. Again, despite extremely positive feedback from our clients on these projects, the Bell Ring table is for successful candidate appointments only and does not make allowances for these types of projects.

Mix in another couple of recruitment projects where one of my colleagues’ candidates happened to be the successful one rather than one of mine, and a couple of projects where we presented strong external shortlists but clients still chose to appoint internally, and it has all added up to a bad year for me in terms of the Bell Ring League Table (although nonetheless quite a successful one by other measures!)

In the meantime, I still do at this moment have several candidates currently at advanced interview and offer stages in live projects, so I’m very hopeful that my Bell Ring score will improve by the end of the year. At the moment Tula Nagendran‘s 2020 Bell Ring League Table lead looks insurmountable anyway, although Jacobo Paz, who won the competition in 2018 and 2019, is known for making late surges…”