Henley’s Brendan Blayney writes about his changed daily routine:

Changes to my routines and appearance since lockdown

While the UK government is no longer advising all office workers to work from home, Henley Research is among the many companies, including some of the most high-profile leading companies in the world, that expect to continue remote work arrangements for the foreseeable future.

Here, I review the changes that working from home has made to my routines and appearance since the start of lockdown:

  • Rather than commuting to work and back every day, I have a lot more free time to spend how I choose. Most mornings before work I now go for a run in the park – which is never something that would have occurred to me to do before lockdown – and have gone from being able to run only a very short distance to regularly being able to run 8km or 9km at a time. The picture of the runner isn’t actually me, but you get the idea! I’m able to have lunch at home every day with my wife and three-year-old son, and after lunch I also have time to play with my son or read him books until it’s time for me to go back to work.
  • I no longer need to wear smart shoes, formal trousers and shirts every day, so most days I’m in a comfortable T-shirt, and shorts if it’s hot. I don’t have a dedicated Zoom shirt, although I do still wear shirts on days when I know I’ll have a video call with clients. From being clean-shaven before lockdown, I have now grown a large, oversized goatee beard, which I am persevering with despite negative feedback from everyone I have asked for an opinion, and a lot of people that I haven’t asked. I think it keeps an interesting visual record of how long we’ve all been working from home. It can be a shock when I appear on video calls with people who only know my appearance from my LinkedIn profile picture, but I feel like updating the profile picture would be a commitment to keeping the beard permanently, which I’m not ready to make yet!