The new interface and recent changes to LinkedIn have dismayed and even angered many users. Particularly in the executive search and executive research communities, users have complained of reduced functionality and LinkedIn charging users extra to use services that were previously free or already included in paid-for packages. In this article, Henley Associate Director Brendan Blayney explains why it is business as usual at Henley Research despite the new changes:

  • No reliance on LinkedIn – While LinkedIn can be an incredibly useful tool, we at Henley Research do not and have never relied solely on this method for either identifying or contacting candidates. Our desk research makes use of many other online resources, and prospects are also identified through conversations with our extensive network of contacts and information already held by Henley Research internally. For contacting candidates, nothing beats the telephone, and we also use other tools such as email and even social media where appropriate.
  • Teamwork – Some of our team members were as shocked as anyone about the changes to LinkedIn initially, but Henley Research has a strong ethos of team members helping each other and sharing tips and best practice internally, which quickly gets everyone up to speed with new developments. Some members of the team in particular are very strong on this technical side, and when any new tricks, workarounds or solutions are identified regarding LinkedIn functionality these are swiftly shared among team members to bring everyone up to the same high level of capability.
  • Training – Henley Research has always actively provided both internal and external training to ensure that team members are equipped with the knowledge and skills to implement industry-leading executive research. This includes many sessions related to online research (including Boolean, “X-raying”, etc.), using social media, LinkedIn itself and specifically making the best possible use of the new version of LinkedIn, through training providers such as Martin Lee and other industry experts.

New LinkedIn not that bad! – Although the changes to the LinkedIn user interface are big and take some time for frequent users to adapt to, the Henley Research team have found that most functionality remains available, albeit perhaps in different areas of the website or presented in a slightly less convenient way. Henley Research continues to invest in enhanced LinkedIn accounts, which also increases the functionality available to all members of the team.