Investing in the ongoing training and development of executive researchers is vital – that is the view of Henley Research International MD Mark Senior.

“Last week I was present with four colleagues from Henley Research at the ERA (Executive Research Association) Annual Conference and it further reinforced how important it is to keep up with the latest techniques and approaches, and to stay ahead of the competition.  Speakers and trainers included Mark Williams (aka Mr LinkedIn), Katherine Robinson and Warren Kemp.

Our researchers are good at their jobs partly because they spend all their working time actually finding and speaking to candidates.  This is very different from a lot of agency and retained recruiters who spend a large part of their working days in business development mode rather than dealing with candidates.  However, even though our team is focussed on the job in hand, they still need to keep up to date with the latest online search techniques because things are changing all the time.  For example, LinkedIn continues to change on what seems like a week to week basis and our delegates came away from the conference with some great ways of overcoming some obstacles to effective search which had been slowing us down considerably over the previous weeks.

At Henley we invest in training our new staff – all new recruits attend the four module ERA courses which run throughout the year.  Others in the research team have recently worked with external specialists like Martin Lee, Warren Kemp and Social Talent.  Five researchers have successfully completed the AESC Researcher Training Programme.

As an executive researcher you can never think you have mastered your profession and continuous training and development is the key to moving with the times.”