Reflecting the ever-growing demand for female diversity in company boardrooms and senior management teams, Henley continues to carry out female-only Mapping and Pipelining exercises in different verticals and geographies. Such gender diversity work is, however, not only carried out at the most senior levels.

A recent example is a comprehensive mapping exercise for female engineers at the beginning or very early stage of their career even including up-and-coming talent during their intern or apprenticeship. The search was carried out for a German-based multinational across Germany and the wider German speaking region (DACH), where we searched for women with specific, niche technical qualifications for Technical Sales and Business Development roles in Building and Industrial Automation.

Although the search was challenging due to the narrow brief and the male-dominated nature of the sector, we were pleased to present our client with 100 matching profiles.

If you are interested in similar projects regarding gender diversity on any level and in any sector, please do not hesitate to contact Diana Watson or any of the Henley team.