Henley Associate Director Brendan Blayney puts the spotlight on our sector focus on the pharmaceuticals vertical:

While Henley Research works across all industry sectors, we also develop strong specialist sector experience internally, and perhaps the one area that we do the most work in is Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences, which is where we have some of the highest demand for our services. Below are details of just a few of the recent successful projects we have completed across pharmaceuticals and life sciences, including a couple of interesting projects in China and one in Japan, a site operations head role in Europe, and senior global roles in operations and business unit leadership. The projects vary in type from producing target lists of relevant sites, talent mapping of relevant individuals or competitor mapping of particular companies, to full searches where we have identified and presented interested and qualified candidates to fill live vacancies and/or external succession planning talent pools.


  • June 2019: Talent mapping for a senior global Operations leadership role to lead a headcount of several thousand across the US, Europe and Asia Pacific, with a salary of $300k+. Experience in large molecules/biologics essential. We identified 60+ relevant profiles from California to Korea to suit our client’s requirements.
  • June 2019: High-potential leaders for the Japan business of a leading global pharmaceutical company. We mapped out over 200 profiles of Japanese nationals in Japan and abroad and reached out to the people who were the best match for our client’s requirements. We were able to secure 10 qualified and interested candidates for our client, far exceeding our clients’ expectations for this challenging international assignment.
  • June 2019: Head of Operations for a biologics manufacturing facility in Europe. Our search took us across Europe, the US, and even to China and Singapore, to find candidates with the requisite technical knowledge and experience operating at the right scale. We presented 10 candidates for the role who were based in Austria, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the US.
  • June 2019: External succession planning for a Head of Business Unit position at a leading global pharmaceutical services organisation. Working directly with the position’s incumbent, we were able to line up a number of extremely well-qualified and interested candidates in Europe and the US which exceeded the client’s expectations, managing our approaches to potential candidates with the required level of sensitivity and confidentiality given the special nature of the project.
  • April 2019: Target list of biologics manufacturing facilities in China. We identified 60 sites that matched the search parameters agreed with our client, producing a report with information on each site such as technical capability, capacity and headcount, as well as an executive summary highlighting recent trends in biopharma manufacturing in China.
  • April 2019: Competitor mapping of the sales and marketing functions of the 10 biggest Chinese companies within a particular niche of the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector. The companies, which range in size from over 1,000 employees to less than 100 employees, all have their operations in China, with a mix of domestic and international sales. We provided information on each company such as size, structure and sales, as well as the details of 75 relevant individuals within the companies’ Sales and Marketing departments. The majority of Henley Research’s work on this project was carried out in Chinese through a combination of online and telephone research.