Chloe Betteridge, Infographics Lead at Henley Research, discusses the increasing importance of effective data presentation:

Infographics and data visualisation are becoming increasingly popular. You might recognise them from social media feeds – usually long, scrolling images packed with impressive visuals and eye-catching colours. The best even end up going viral.

But their potential is so much more than pretty colours and nice pictures. Information is at the heart of infographics and the most powerful of them not only look good, but allow faster, more efficient comprehension of the data, draw attention to key insights and present a clear message to the reader.

Over the past couple of years at Henley Research we have been consciously increasing our use of infographics and visualisation of data to produce impactful reports and presentations for our clients. Here are just a few ways infographics enhance our work:

  • Dashboards quickly show clients the make-up of the talent pool and how the search is progressing.
  • Insights Reports couple a written report style with infographics to present detailed quantitative and qualitative data in a way that tells the story of the data and highlights the key trends, enabling our clients to get to the bottom of what the data is telling them faster and more efficiently.
  • Slide Decks ready to present to stakeholders or share with a team, with Henley or client branding.