Henley Associate Director, Brendan Blayney, reiterates that we are very much open for business, despite England entering into a second lockdown:

“As the UK enters a “second lockdown”, with tighter national social distancing measures, I just wanted to put another reminder out there to all our clients and candidates that Henley Research remains open for business as usual, with all our work having been completed successfully remotely from our various employees’ homes since just prior to the initial lockdown in March.

On a personal note, as someone who maintains a lot of professional and personal relationships with China, I’m increasingly embarrassed and concerned at how poorly the UK (along with many other countries) is coping with the coronavirus situation compared with China and some other countries in Asia Pacific, both in terms of health outcomes and the impact upon the economy.

Despite the worrying situation for many in the UK, Henley Research as a business remains resilient and in a strong position to continue to support our global client base with executive search, talent pipelining and talent intelligence projects across the world, as we have always done. As mentioned in previous LinkedIn updates, the fact that we support companies and organisations across the US, Europe and Asia Pacific means that we are able to maintain a strong level of activity regardless of individual situations in any particular geography.

Even prior to the original coronavirus crisis, Henley Research as a company was quite used to team members working from home on a regular basis, which has made our transition to semi-permanent “work from home” very straightforward and successful. We also remain thankful that we are deeply involved in many sectors that continue to be busy throughout lockdowns in any country, such as pharmaceuticals and FMCG, as well as the sectors where activity has been a bit more up and down, such as retail and construction.

We look forward to continuing to support our clients, in the UK and beyond, throughout the unpredictable times ahead, in finding and recruiting the best talent for senior positions, identifying pipelines of potential future talent for these roles, and making informed decisions on talent-related matters.”