Over 25 years since our foundation in 1995, we at Henley have always placed a huge emphasis on the quality of the executive research we provide. This has never been more important than now, with the best-equipped research professionals having a skill-set that combines the “old school” traditional skills such as telephone name ID and the use of networks/referrals, with knowledge of the most up-to-date online search techniques and platforms.

Among the many training, learning and development initiatives there has, for some time, remained one constant – we have invested in our researchers completing the AESC/ERA Professional Researcher Certification Course.  This series of half-day workshops and online modules culminates in an examination which, if the researcher passes, means they are awarded the CER (Certificate of Executive Research). The workshops cover “Getting past the Gatekeeper and Pitching your Search Effectively”, “Referral Sourcing”, “Qualifying Candidates over the Phone” and “Overcoming Candidate Objections and maintaining Candidate Interest”.

No fewer than eight of Henley’s current team (Helen, Diana, Brendan, Noa, Jacobo, Tula, Caroline and Tanja) are AESC/ERA Certificated Researchers, having completed the course and passed the examination.