Henley Director Diana Watson highlights a successful recent search and the way Henley charges for its services:

Unlike a typical Executive Search Firm, Henley does not work on a price model that typically includes a three-stage payment schedule: a retainer fee upon commencement, an additional fee for a shortlist of candidates, and, finally, a placement fee. Henley’s pricing is based around day rates and/or fixed project prices based on a pre-agreed number of days depending on the complexity of the search, the geographical scope and the role profile.

In this way our clients are presented with a number of qualified long list and shortlist candidates and any data that has been gathered throughout the search that can be shared in accordance with GDPR.

In a recent project, in which we were contracted to search for candidates for two senior roles for one of our UK clients in the infrastructure space, we were successful not only in filling the two vacancies with high calibre individuals, but also found a further (third) candidate who has accepted a job offer for an entirely different role within our client’s organisation.

With reference to Henley’s pricing structure, no additional charge was made for the third appointment, whereas in the retained executive search model an additional fee is normally levied. Our service and the added value provided was well appreciated and we are currently working on another significant search project for the same company. Once again, our brief is to fill two positions…