Our Henley Research International website aims to provide anyone interested enough to visit an overview of our firm and, perhaps most importantly, an overview of our services. We offer executive research, talent mapping and pipelining, talent intelligence and insights. Our clients are in-house Talent Acquisition and HR professionals, and we continue to collaborate with and support retained executive search firms.

As a business we are really proud of our research and delivery team and our website gives us the opportunity to showcase each member of that team. Our clients and any potential executive candidates we might speak to may well be interested in knowing who they are dealing with. For many years now it’s been a tradition for us to ask each of our team 10 Questions about a range of topics – some serious, some not particularly – and ask for their 10 Answers. From time to time we revise the Questions in an effort to freshen things up and, hopefully, provide a bit of an insight into each of our Consultants. We’ve just changed the Questions – please enjoy reading the team’s responses.