Brendan Blayney

Qualifications: BSc. (Hons 1st class), International Relations at The London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE)

Languages spoken: English, Mandarin (fluent – HSK Chinese Proficiency Level 6)

Sector focus: Chemicals, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Technology.

Which European country that you have not yet visited is top of your list to see, and why? Greece because my wife keeps hinting that she wants to go there.

What is your speciality dish to cook? Heating up a tin of soup served with a couple of slices of bread.

If you were to give one suggestion to the CEO of LinkedIn, what would it be? I would like LinkedIn to be aggressively marketed so that everyone has a profile and we can find all our candidates there – it would save us a lot of time researching alternative sources!

What is the most enjoyable book that you’ve read recently? The only book I’ve read in the last year was Dracula – it was ok!

What would be your karaoke song? I have recently learned a new one which I’m keen to show off next time I’m at karaoke. It’s a Chinese song romanticising being in the army, but a very nice tune! It’s called “军中绿花”, which could be translated as “Green Flower of the Army”.

Who would be the guests at your dream dinner party? There are so many to choose from I don’t really know where to start! Being practical, right now I would like to meet a lot of senior biopharmaceutical operations professionals with large-scale mammalian manufacturing experience…

What do you most enjoy about working in executive search? Learning how things work behind the scenes at senior levels in different industries.

Mountains or sea? Watching the sea is really peaceful, especially at sunrise and sunset.

What is your favourite film? It’s hard to pick a favourite but probably the one I have watched most times over the years is “Lola rennt” (Run Lola Run).

What would you rather fight – 20 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck? A horse-sized duck would be terrifying but I would be quite confident taking on 20 duck-sized horses.