Julia Skan

Qualifications: BA degree in European Studies (French and Italian).

Languages spoken: English, French and Italian.

Sector Focus: Financial services, automotive and manufacturing, education.

Which European country that you have not yet visited is top of your list to see, and why? Berlin – I reconnected recently with a family friend who is from Berlin and he described it to me. It sounds wonderful. I am going to visit later in the year.

What is your speciality dish to cook? Fresh fish from the river or sea.

If you were to give one suggestion to the CEO of LinkedIn, what would it be? It’s a great platform for networking, show users how to use it more for that purpose.

What is the most enjoyable book that you’ve read recently? This Is Going to Hurt: Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor. Funny and tragic at the same time.

What would be your karaoke song? You’ve Got the Love – Florence and the Machine.

Who would be the guests at your dream dinner party? Ellen MacArthur, Peter Blake, Tracey Edwards, Robin Knox-Johnston, Chay Blyth, Eric Tabarly, Pete Goss, Clare Francis. All my heroes!

What do you most enjoy about working in executive search? Forming a relationship with people on the phone, brightening up their day and learning interesting facts about their experience.

Mountains or sea? Sea every time.

What is your favourite film? Love Actually.

What would you rather fight – 20 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck? Difficult question! I don’t often fight. I’m scared of horses because of their size. And ducks can be vicious. If pressed for an answer, probably 20 duck sized horses.