Noa Muratsubaki

Qualifications:BSocSc in International Relations (First class honours) and MA in International Politics (Distinction), University of Manchester

Languages spoken: English, Japanese

How many countries have you been to and which one is furthest from the UK? Twelve with Japan being the furthest from the UK although if I have to discount it as I was born in Japan, it would be Hong Kong.

What’s the strangest food you’ve ever eaten? Natto, a traditional Japanese food made from fermented soy beans and served with soy sauce. Not so strange to me but certainly is to explain to others!

What was your dream job when you were a child? I wanted to be an archaeologist to hunt some treasure.

If you could time travel where would you go? I’d be curious to have a look at my life in a parallel universe although I’m not sure if time travel is a good idea. I’d be too worried about accidentally changing the course of history and never being able to reclaim my present life!

Which superhero would you be and why? I’m not a Marvel or DC fan so I’m not very equipped to answer this one. I did love watching the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on TV growing up and they are ‘heroes in a half shell’ so do they count? I’d probably be Leonardo because he’s the strongest and most dependable turtle and who doesn’t want to eat pizza with their buddies?

What was the last role for which you found the successful candidate? A Data and Insight Analyst for a multinational FMCG company based in the UK.

What is the innovation you have been waiting for? I’d love an innovation that would allow us to retain any knowledge and skill we’ve ever gained or we newly acquire.

What are your guilty pleasures? Anything sweet… chocolate, scones, cakes and consuming them in more than moderate measures.

What is the biggest challenge of using LinkedIn as a researcher? Not all LinkedIn data is empirically accurate. Not everyone on LinkedIn want to network and not everyone is on LinkedIn so although it’s a great tool and it can allow us to see the trends shaping the world of work, we need to be able to use other methods of research.

What would you do if you had an extra hour in the day? I’d like to say I’d do some yoga because self-care is important but with the best will in the world, I’d probably choose sleep. That is, if my toddler would allow me.

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