Paul Fitzgerald-Jones

Qualifications: BSc (Hons), Sociology, Aston University. MA, Social Research, University of Warwick.

Languages spoken: English

Sector focus: Financial Services, FMCG, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, Technology.

Michelle Brown

Which European country that you have not yet visited is top of your list to see, and why? Sweden – I am a huge fan of its meatballs and pickled herring dishes, plus it has one of the fastest broadband network speeds in the world!

What is your speciality dish to cook? Satay sweet potato and kale curry.

If you were to give one suggestion to the CEO of LinkedIn, what would it be? I would tell the CEO of LinkedIn that he should think about increasing the size of the individual profile picture that can be used on the site.  

What is the most enjoyable book that you’ve read recently? Born a Crime – Story of a South African Childhood’ by Trevor Noah.

What would be your karaoke song? ‘Angels’ by Robbie Williams – tends to get the crowd going!

Who would be the guests at your dream dinner party? Football manager Brian Clough; movie actress Scarlett Johansson; civil rights leader Malcolm X; playwright and screenwriter Alan Bennett, and model, actress and singer Grace Jones.

What do you most enjoy about working in executive search? Recruiting an executive is the greatest opportunity an organisation has to improve both performance and culture in one stroke. What I enjoy about working in this industry is being part of a process that is central to the identification and appointment of somebody who can potentially stimulate innovation, empower employees and generate wealth for a company.

Mountains or sea? It has to be the sea every time, because it’s refreshing, beautiful and humbling – mountains just don’t move me! 

What is your favourite film? Always a tricky question to answer, but I would say ‘Do the Right Thing’ released in 1989 and directed by Spike Lee – regarded as one of the most “culturally significant” films in US history and still relevant 30 years later.

What would you rather fight – 20 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck? I’ve often thought about this and it would obviously have to be a horse-sized duck – I am allergic to horse hair!