Tanja Gogova-Grant

Qualifications: BA (Hons 1st class) German Language and Literature and Contemporary German Studies, Oxford Brookes University.

Languages spoken: English, German, Macedonian (native).

Sector focus: Automotive, Construction, Luxury Goods, Management Consultancy, Packaging, Pharmaceuticals.

Tanja Gogova-Grant

Which European country that you have not yet visited is top of your list to see, and why? Czech Republic, for its scenery and architecture.

What is your speciality dish to cook? Red peppers stuffed with mozzarella and goat’s cheese, baked and served with a balsamic glaze and rocket salad.

If you were to give one suggestion to the CEO of LinkedIn, what would it be? Make sure to publicise the platform so that more people are aware of the opportunities it can lead to.

What is the most enjoyable book that you’ve read recently? Seven Signs of Life, by Aoife Abbey.

What would be your karaoke song? ‘It’s raining men’ by the Weather Girls.

Who would be the guests at your dream dinner party? Sean Lock, Jimmy Carr and Jon Richardson.

What do you most enjoy about working in executive search? Connecting people to new opportunities.

Mountains or sea? Sea

What is your favourite film? Lion

What would you rather fight – 20 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck? 20 duck-sized horses