Henley Research is seeing an increase in our clients’ desire for information on salaries and reward, and we are being called upon more often than ever to assist in the provision of such information. Such intelligence on remuneration may be required for a number of reasons. Often companies seek to validate their own pay grades and structures and benchmark these against market norms and/or against key competitors. In areas such as digital, IT and technology, published salary data is hard to find and remuneration norms are not easy to gauge. Where there is a shortage of talent, companies want to be sure they are offering packages attractive to the best candidates.

Henley uses publicly available data where appropriate but our research is normally based around telephone interviews with informed respondents. These may be HR or Talent Acquisition executives or recruiters. More often than not we speak with the very executives whose remuneration packages are of real interest – such calls can also be part of talent pipelining exercises. Here we are not only able to provide salary information but deliver strong candidates for current or future vacancies.

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