Commercial & Business Intelligence

Our team of Research Consultants is skilled and experienced in seeking out quantitative and qualitative data, interpreting this, and presenting findings to clients to inform key business decisions. In addition to core Executive Search and Talent Intelligence we provide Commercial Intelligence.  For example:

Researching Acquisition Targets: We work for clients who are looking to make acquisitions and we are able to supply detailed and tailored reports to inform decision-making processes. For example, a client may be targeting a particular vertical sector in a designated geography and we can put together a list of potential acquisition targets with a detailed description of each one. This includes desk research and telephone interviews with people with knowledge of the companies and sector.

Detailed Acquisition Profiles: We can carry out in-depth research into the acquisition target companies. Typically this will include a review of products or services, customers and suppliers, management and employees, organisational structures, sales and distribution structures, locations and facilities, as well as financial reports and accounts and other commercial data.

Competitor intelligence: We carry out competitor studies which focus on how competitors are structured and to identify their key executives. Organisation charts can be part of our output. Our methodology is typically a combination of online research and telephone investigation. In such projects we can produce wider ranging competitor reports including financial information, sales segmentation, analysis of products and services, locations, and so on.