Executive Research – Specific Roles

Henley Research has been carrying out executive research for many years, in fact ever since pro-active searches became acknowledged as the most targeted and potent approach to finding the best candidates for executive roles. Nowadays relatively few senior roles in the private sector are advertised and it is the executive researcher who invariably provides the most significant contribution to any senior level recruitment exercise.

Our typical approach to finding candidates for a specific role involves the following stages:

  • Briefing – we familiarise ourselves with all aspects of the role, the company and the candidate specification
  • Target List – typically we will compile a list of target companies and organisations most likely to yield appropriate and qualified candidates
  • Name identification – we then research in detail the relevant companies and identify candidates with the skill set and experience demanded by the position
  • Candidate Sourcing – with the candidate’s consent broad details and CVs will be submitted as confirmation of their interest in and “fit” for the role.

Both during and on completion of the research programme, we will present a comprehensive report on all suitable candidates contacted and any important information raised during the course of research.

Networking is key to our approaches and with this in mind we will endeavour to ensure that we leave no stone unturned.

As well as identifying the best candidates for the role, this process delivers a detailed intelligence report on the talent in the sector which itself can be of significant value to the hiring company.