A typical Insights project will involve us carrying out research among influential figures and potential employees and delivering an Insights Report to our client.

Often Insights can be gained in conjunction with Talent Pipelining exercises. Whilst speaking on our client’s behalf to potential employees we can cover a range of interesting and relevant issues such as:

  • Which companies are seen as the best to work for, and why?
  • Which are seen as unattractive, and why?
  • How our client is seen as a prospective employer and with regard to specific issues (eg Diversity, Cultural)
  • What are its major strengths and weaknesses?
  • What sort of remuneration packages are on offer in the market?
  • What are typically working arrangements (eg working from home, travel etc)
  • How our client’s packages are perceived relative to others
  • How our client could improve its EVP (Employee Value Proposition) and its image as a potential employer

Such Insights enable our clients to objectively evaluate their approach to key issues such as executive remuneration and working practices and to confidently shape their employer brand.

Talent Intelligence

We offer a broad range of other Talent Intelligence services including the following:

  • Salary benchmarking – how much are executives in other companies paid?
  • Relocation studies – for businesses looking at relocating internationally we review alternative locations, focusing on the business and commercial environment and critical Talent issues (availability, cost, education, proximity etc)
  • Competitor intelligence – how are competitors structured and what do their organisation structures look like?
  • Diversity studies – we can focus on gender and ethnic diversity issues to inform and influence diversity strategies and help companies recruit diverse management teams.