A typical Insights project will involve us carrying out research among influential figures and potential employees and delivering a report to our client outlining:

  • How the client company is perceived as a potential employer by potential employees
  • How other companies in the same or similar sectors are perceived.

We normally carry out in-depth telephone conversations with executives in competitors and other companies in the sector and ask them:

  • Which companies are seen as the best to work for, and why?
  • Which are seen as unattractive, and why?
  • How our client is seen for example with regard to Diversity issues
  • What are its major strengths and weaknesses?
  • What sort of remuneration packages exist in the market
  • How our client’s packages are perceived relative to others
  • How our client could improve its image as a potential employer
  • Attitudes to relocation etc

Such surveys enable our clients to objectively apprise their image as an employer and to define their employer branding with confidence.  By absorbing the messages delivered by the research, they are much better equipped to get across the right messages when engaging with prospective employees.