Henley Research offers this comprehensive service for companies or search firms wishing to carry out in-depth referencing on a senior level candidate or candidates.

This is a bespoke service, with each referencing assignment tailored to the particular requirements of the client:

  • Referencing may be required prior to job offer, perhaps at short list stage for a number of candidates for a role
  • It may be carried out post job offer
  • The number of referees can vary by assignment, but may be a combination of those selected by the candidate, as well as other relevant network contacts for example superiors, peers, team members and others with a significant knowledge of an individual.

We have a small team of researchers trained specifically for referencing and adept in the particular skills required for this type of work:

  • We understand fully understand and respect the sensitivity and confidentiality of such assignments
  • Calls are always made in the strictest confidence
  • We ask open questions and record responses verbatim so as not to prejudice feedback through unnecessary interpretation
  • We can provide verbal and/or written feedback as required
  • We are sensitive to the rights of the candidate and the need for transparency where appropriate.

For a detailed confidential discussion about Referencing, please contact Helen Davies.

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