Two of Henley’s research team members attended the ERA (Executive Research Association) webinar “Sourcing Outside of LinkedIn” run by Irina Shamaeva on Wednesday 10th July.  The two Henley attendees, Noa Muratsubaki and Sally Clennell, ran an in-house workshop at Henley with 14 colleagues on August 13th to share the knowledge they had gained during the webinar.

Whilst LinkedIn is a platform we can use for candidate search, we put a high priority on using a considerable variety of other sources and platforms, depending on the type of role we are searching for – fewer than 15% of working professionals have active, up-to-date LinkedIn profiles, and many potentially interesting executives are not on LinkedIn at all.

The training session covered, amongst other topics:

  • The Need to Explore Non-Traditional Resources
  • Brainstorming: Who Do You Want to Find?
  • Reframing Your Search
  • Types of Sites to Explore
  • Professional Associations & Societies
  • Licensing & Certification Verifications
  • Resume Builders & Document Storage
  • Conferences / Meetups / Events
  • Niche Social Sites / Mailing Lists

Whilst the session was in many ways a refresher for the team, the colleague to colleague interaction was very useful, in particular the sharing of successful search strategies which added real value to a search or mapping exercise. Thanks to Noa and Sally for preparing the slides and leading the session.