Henley Research International’s MD Mark Senior discusses the rise and rise of Talent Pipelining:

“Twice today I received separate notifications from two executive search firms I know to tell me they had rebranded and are now offering a range of pro-active talent mapping and pipelining services alongside traditional retained search.  Twice more today we have, as a provider of talent research and intelligence, been briefed by two other unrelated search firms on such pipelining projects where no immediate vacancy exists.

This is a reflection of the way enlightened employers are dealing with senior level hiring, namely through succession planning and talent pipelining. Getting to know the outstanding talent, creating relationships ahead of a hiring need, and reducing ‘cost to fill’ and ‘time to fill’ metrics from the moment the senior vacancy arises.

The four firms referred to above are among the more flexible and enlightened search firms.  Enterprising as it is to change your proposition, they are also recognising what their clients want, and adapting to meet the obvious demand.  Other retained search firms, it should be said, are still wedded to the traditional search model and the three stage payment arrangement that invariably goes with it.

From our perspective, we see it as a “win-win”. For some time we have been working directly with progressive companies on talent mapping, pipelining and insights projects, and our client base and the variety and challenge this work offers is welcome.  Now our longstanding clients – executive search firms – are calling us up for research support on such pipelining projects too.”

For more information on talent mapping, talent pipelining or insights research, call Mark Senior or Helen Davies.