In the last few months, many companies have put recruitment largely on hold. In some ways this is entirely understandable – they have been impacted financially by the Covid-19 crisis and are therefore reducing expenditure and preserving cash. There is also widespread uncertainty about what the future looks like – what is the new “normal” and how soon will we get there? Valid reasons for putting hiring on hold.

However, there is a stronger case than ever for pro-active Talent Pipelining at mid- and senior-levels. This is the process by which companies can use research to identify potential employees, then build relationships with them over a period of time. Henley Research International is building talent pipelines for its clients now – getting candidates ready to make a career move to work for our clients when the fog has cleared a little, and the moment is right.

The financial investment in Pipelining doesn’t need to be substantial. But the payback, in terms of securing the best talent and progressing quickly to making an appointment when the time comes, is huge.