We regularly hear people say that finding potential candidates for executive roles has never been easier. Many such executives have an online presence; indeed many of them are visible on LinkedIn, often with an easy-to-read snapshot of their current role and responsibilities, their career path and their education details. Increasingly our clients expect to see summarised bios based on such online research.

Henley Research International Director Helen Davies believes, however, that the availability of these profiles online means that many recruiters are becoming lazy. “At Henley we are determined to carry out online searches using imaginative and rigorous search strings and search techniques that will enable us to find people other recruiters can’t.  But we have also continued to place a high priority on the use of telephone research to identify potential candidates who may not be visible online.”

“In certain job functions such as Marketing, Sales and HR, there is generally a high incidence of people being on LinkedIn. However, this is not the case for all role types. We are currently looking for senior Engineering Leads in Europe and North America and around 25% of the people we have found were simply not visible on Linkedin. Not only have we increased our client’s talent pool, but, when we make approaches to these particular executives, we will do so in the knowledge that they are unlikely to be contacted by recruiters on a regular basis. And just because they don’t have online presence doesn’t mean they are not good at their job!”

The continued relevance of telephone ID to find great candidates for our clients cannot be understated. Our clients know we will find candidates that other recruiters won’t.


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