Here at Henley Research International we have for many years placed a big emphasis on maintaining and developing language capabilities among our research consultants. This has worked in our favour, and in favour of our clients, in a number of different ways.

Most importantly, it means that our clients can be confident we have the language skills to carry out research in different countries around the world, and to hold meaningful conversations with potential candidates in their native tongue where this is appropriate. Of course, many of the roles we seek to fill are at high level, so the ability to speak English is commonly a pre-requisite, but being able to approach people credibly in their own language definitely gives us the edge. What invariably complements our researchers’ language abilities is a highly developed understanding of the business culture in particular countries and regions – the conditions and conventions for “head hunting” vary considerably from place to place.

Over the years our policy of recruiting those with well-developed language skills has also enabled us to find some really talented people and to develop a multi-cultural team here in our office. Currently we have six different nationalities in the team and fluency in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Mandarin, Macedonian and Japanese. Our consultants develop real expertise in finding and communicating with candidates in key markets such as China, Russia and Latin America.