Increasingly Henley Research is being asked to deliver organograms as an additional service to its Candidate Mapping services. Managing Director Mark Senior explains: “When we map we are essentially putting together a list of potential candidates for a senior role or roles (vacant now or in the near future) so we and our client can assess what the talent pool is and whom we (or they) might approach. An organogram on the other hand focuses on building up as precise a picture as possible of the organisation structure within one or a number of companies, often competitors. This approach not only delivers a talent pool but also a real insight into how departmental and reporting structures look, which may well prove to be important competitor information.”

Whilst Henley uses both online and telephone research for mapping, the emphasis in Organograms is much more around telephone investigation in order that a complete picture can be put together, often including not only reporting lines but office locations.

For further information please contact Helen Davies or Mark Senior.