Henley Director, Diana Watson, speaks about the way the Henley team operates:

When new clients are considering whether to use Henley Research International on a new project, they want to ensure they are going to receive a high-quality service, speed of delivery and, of course, results. A question we are often asked is “how do you train your people?”.

As Head of Learning & Development here at Henley, I can answer that every team member is carefully selected and undergoes a very thorough and, possibly uncharacteristically for the sector, lengthy recruitment process. This is followed by a full onboarding process lasting a number of weeks during which the new joiner covers a wide programme of topics, including learning about a range of online platforms including but not restricted to: LinkedIn, Xing, ZoomInfo, GitHub, About.me and X-ray as well as Boolean techniques via internal as well as external workshops run by the best research ninjas in the industry.

The team prides itself in providing information that is current rather than relying on historical databases. Even the often regarded “archaic art” of using the phone to validate LinkedIn or other online profiles, is very much one of the skill-sets we require our team members to have.

One of the most important elements, however, that really sets Henley apart from many other small research firms and independents, is the ability to collaborate internally, brainstorm ideas, overcome language barriers, and to harvest specialist and often niche expertise at short notice and with a quick turnaround. We can do this because of the size of our team – around 20 in number, the vast majority of whom are office-based. It is a frequent event that one of our Project Managers or Associate Directors – who work hands-on as well as leading projects – calls a quick team meeting in the office to discuss, brainstorm and pool resources to resolve a particularly tricky mapping challenge or seek to unlock an unresponsive talent pool in a pipelining exercise. This, together with the open and collegiate office environment gives us the wherewithal to deliver the quality of work our clients rightly demand.

For more information about the Henley team, please contact Diana Watson or one of the team at Henley.