Henley Associate Director, Brendan Blayney, provides a useful reminder to double-check the times of any scheduled calls you might have between the US and the UK next week:

As many of us who are frequently making and scheduling calls between the US and the UK are well aware, in spring the clocks in the US go forward earlier (second Sunday in March) than they do in the UK (last Sunday in March), and in autumn/fall the clocks in the UK go back earlier (last Sunday in October) than they do in the US (first Sunday in November).
This means there are a few weeks each year when the US and the UK are slightly “closer” to each other than they are normally, giving us a slightly longer window in which we can make calls to each other at a reasonable time of the day!

In 2019 the clocks go back in the UK this Sunday 27th October, while in the US the clocks won’t go back until next Sunday 3rd November, and time differences w/c 28th October are therefore as follows:
Eastern Time –> UK; +4 hours
Central Time –> UK; +5 hours
Mountain Time –> UK; +6 hours
Pacific Time –> UK; +7 hours

As a global executive research company based in the UK, Henley Research International frequently works with hiring managers, roles and candidates based in the US and around the world, meaning our team members often need to adjust their patterns of work in order to complete assignments in different geographies, so weeks like these are very welcome to our team members currently involved in US-based projects!