With the 2018 FIFA World Cup well underway, there is a keen level of interest in all of the games in the Henley Research office.  This is unsurprising, given the different nationalities within our group, with some members of the team believing their country can go all the way and win the tournament. Diana Watson, a German national, believes her team can bounce back from their defeat to Mexico, whilst the teams of Jacobo Paz (from Spain) and Carlos Moio (from Portugal) shared the spoils in their opening match. Chris Nolbrzak thinks his native Poland have the firepower to go deep into the tournament, whilst the England fans try to remain cool about their team’s prospects (previous disappointments make this the most sensible mindset).

Even those without a country playing in Russia have good reason to be involved, with a significant cash prize and handsome trophy waiting for the eventual winner of the office sweepstake, which is being expertly co-ordinated by Chloe Deston. Each participant has two teams.  Among those with high hopes are Jacobo Paz (who picked Brazil), Diana Watson (Spain), Caroline Milburn (Argentina and Uruguay) and Chloe herself (Belgium and France).  Director of Research Helen Davies is rooting for Germany, whilst Managing Director Mark Senior remains hopeful that his teams, Morocco and Saudi Arabia, can upset the odds.